Are you getting enough magnesium?


Once upon a time, it was pretty easy to get the recommended amount of magnesium every day. Just eating produce would supply you with the magnesium you needed. This mineral was prevalent in soil, but due to erosion and modern farming practices, there is barely any magnesium in the farming soil anymore.

Magnesium is found naturally in foods like dark leafy greens, mackerel, nuts, seeds, and beans—all foods that don’t play a big role in today’s commonly unhealthy diets. Even if you are eating a healthy diet you may not be getting enough. Take a look at the many symptoms that can be caused by a magnesium deficiency.

Memory loss
Potassium deficiency: may cause extreme thirst, fluid retention, and irritability
Muscle cramps
Heart issues
Blood clots
Difficulty swallowing
Liver and kidney disease
High blood pressure
Calcium deficiency
Bowel disease
Type II diabetes
Respiratory difficulties
Fertility/childbearing issues: Getting or staying pregnant, preeclampsia, preterm labor
Tooth decay
Raynaud’s syndrome: may cause cold fingers or toes, color changes in skin due to temperature changes, and numbness in extremities
Personality changes: often similar to symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders

So as you can see magnesium is pretty important. This mineral is used in over 300 bodily processes and chemical reactions, so not getting enough may be severely hindering your health and your body’s potential. So how can we bring our levels up? We can start eating more of the leafy greens and other foods I mentioned above, you could supplement or you could do both! When looking for supplementation though be careful…many supplements can contain fillers like wheat, preservatives, dairy, gluten, and sugar, none of which belong in a nutritional supplement. At Yost Family Chiropractic I like to recommend a product called CALM. It is a powder that you simply add water to for a delicious raspberry lemonade tasting supplement. We also offer CALM with calcium which is good for bone support to prevent osteoporosis.

cropped-pic2.jpg Dr. Nicole Davis

Dr. Nicole Davis graduated from Logan University with not only her Doctorate in Chiropractic but her Bachelors in Life Sciences. After working with hundreds of clients a week in a busy Ohio Chiropractic clinic, she decided to head home to Des Moines to be closer to her family.  She currently specializes in family wellness care with advanced training in pediatric and pregnancy care, working alongside 2 other doctors in the only Wellness Center in Iowa to offer Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Specialized Pediatric and Pregnancy Care as well as Functional Medicine.  She loves spending time with family, friends and her dog, Maci. She is here to serve her community with love, support and enthusiasm.

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