Why I Chose to Become a Chiropractor


I began my journey with chiropractic at the young age of 10. I suffered a bad fall that resulted in a lot of back pain. Unable to play outside with friends or go to dance class because of it, I was miserable. My parents decided to take me to a chiropractor to see if I could get some relief. With his adjustments and treatments, I was soon recovering and getting back to my spunky 10 year old self. After a while, I returned to dance and was able to play without any pain. Following this accident, I went back to my chiropractor regularly for wellness care and to keep my spine healthy. As I got older, my interest in chiropractic grew as did my love of science. By the time I reached high school, I knew this was my calling. I wanted to help others, was fascinated with the sciences, and had my own personal testimony to the power of chiropractic.

When I asked for advice from my chiropractor on how to begin my journey, he told me to go check out Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis Missouri. My junior year of high school, my family and I took the trip down to check the school out. I fell in love immediately and knew this was for me. Now all I had to do was figure out the path that would get me there. I decided on Truman State University for my undergraduate school and majored in Biology there. All my focus was set on getting myself to Logan and becoming the doctor I was destined to be.

I finished my time at Truman in three years and then headed off to Logan. When I got to Logan, I had only really associated chiropractic with pain. I had pain when I was younger, I went to the chiropractor, and he got rid of my pain. My mindset did a complete 180 when I started school. Up until that point, I had suffered from terrible allergies and sinus infections. Once I started getting adjusted regularly, those problems vanished! I no longer needed allergy meds and didn’t suffer through allergy season anymore. This is when I truly began understanding the power of chiropractic. It is not all about pain; it’s about maintaining a healthy nervous system so your body functions as it should. Chiropractic is about releasing your body’s own power to heal and correct itself.

Dr. Meghan