Flossing – It’s Not Just for your Teeth

A common symptom we see here in the office is pain or numbness/tingling that goes into the legs or arms. One of the ways we can help to address it is by “nerve flossing“. This may sound crazy but it can give you immense relief from symptoms like these.

Numbness, tingling, and pain down the arm or leg is typically caused by irritation somewhere along the nerve. When that irritation is left there over time, the signal from the brain cannot properly reach the arm and hand.

Quite often, the irritation on this nerve can be from the soft tissues surrounding it. This can be muscle, fat, or fascia. Fascia is the fibrous layer of tissue that sits on top of muscles to hold different groups of them together.  When the soft tissues get tight or irritated, they will in turn start to irritate the nerves running through or around them.

We suggest some simple stretches that can help to floss the nerve through the tissues and break up the adhesions. Check out the videos below for neck and low back nerve flossing!


These stretches are an amazing compliment to chiropractic care and adjustments. We are able to remove the interference caused by subluxations and the stretches to a fantastic job of removing soft tissue interference.

Dr. Meghan