About Us


Dr. Nicole Davis

Pic2Dr. Nicole was born and raised in the wonderful state of Iowa. She attended the University of Northern Iowa, when she then decided to begin her journey towards becoming a Chiropractor. She left for St. Louis to begin her Chiropractic education at Logan College of Chiropractic. She earned her Bachelors degree in Life Scienceʼs there along with her Doctorates in Chiropractic. Dr. Nicole always knew she wanted to work in health care but wasnʼt sure exactly what field was best for her. After seeing a Chiropractor herself for the first time at the age of 22 she knew where she was meant to serve. Chiropractic changed her life in such a way that she couldnʼt imagine not sharing it with others. Dr. Nicole practices what she preaches, enjoying a healthy and active lifestyle herself to obtain the best quality of life possible. She believes there is no better feeling in the world than helping someone feel better. The wonderful thing about chiropractic care is that it provides so much more than just that. She is excited to continue to share the amazing things chiropractic can do and feels blessed to have the opportunity to do it.

Dr. Meghan Knutson


Dr. Meghan Knutson is an Iowa native, growing up right here in the Des Moines area. Her journey with chiropractic began at the young age of 10 when she had a bad fall that resulted in a lot of back pain. Dr. Meghan’s interest in chiropractic quickly grew as she began to recover and get back to her energetic healthy self. With a strong interest in science, how the human body worked, and helping others; Dr. Meghan soon realized this was her calling. After graduating from Ankeny High School, she headed to Kirksville, Missouri to attend Truman State University. There, she received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology. From Truman, she moved farther south to Chesterfield, Missouri to attend Logan University’s College of Chiropractic. Dr. Meghan’s love and interest in health grew stronger as she enrolled in their Master’s in Nutrition and Human Performance program as well. During her time at Logan, she attended many seminars outside of class in Applied Kinesiology, nutrition, and acupuncture. Dr. Meghan graduated from Logan with a Bachelor’s degree in Life Science, a Doctorate in Chiropractic, a Master’s degree in Nutrition, and certification in acupuncture.


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