Natural Ways to Relieve Headaches

headache-1When suffering from a headache, it can bring down your motivation, hinder your daily activities, and even affect your family. There are many causes of headaches and they can be triggered by things from stress to certain foods. There are numerous natural treatments to help relieve headache pain if you’re wanting to avoid pain meds like Tylenol or Advil.

A great way to relieve a headache is to get adjusted! When your neck is subluxated or not moving as it should, it can affect the nerves and blood flow to your head. By adjusting the segments that aren’t moving properly and removing that interference, the proper nervous flow and blood flow can be restored. This will reduce inflammation and pressure that can cause headaches.

Another fantastic way to treat headaches is magnesium.  You can supplement magnesium in may different ways but our favorite here in the office is Natural Calm. It’s a tasty powder you mix with water to help relieve headaches, muscle soreness, and can help you sleep! Many people are deficient in magnesium! It’s a vital mineral that our nervous system needs to function properly and without it, our bodies can start to show symptoms.

Essential oils are great to help with headache symptoms as well. My favorite oil for headaches is peppermint. This essential oil has incredible calming effects. You can rub some peppermint oil on your temples or at the base of your skull. Diffusing it into the air and simply breathing it in will do wonders as well. The peppermint opens up blood vessels to restore proper blood flow to your head and brain.

If you are a sufferer from tension and stress headaches, massage therapy is fabulous. Often stress causes our muscle to tighten up and place a lot of tension on our neck and head. Massage therapy can address those tight muscles and by simply getting them to relax, headache pain can vanish easily.

One of my favorites to relieve headaches is acupuncture. Acupuncture comes from the ancient art of Traditional Chinese Medicine. If focuses on the flow of energy in your body. If this is blocked up it can cause pain. Acupuncture can help release endorphins (our bodies’ natural pain killers), increase blood flow, and regulate hormone imbalances.

Lastly, and very importantly; water can help with headaches! One of the most common causes of headaches is dehydration. Without the proper amount of water, our bodies become inflamed.  Everyone should drink at least half of their body weight in ounces of water a day! Simply doing this could help immensely with chronic headaches.

Dr. Meghan


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