How Subluxations Affect Your Body

Our bodies respond to three types of stress – physical, chemical, and emotional. Physical stresses can include car accidents, falls, or simply stepping off a curb wrong. Chemical stresses may be eating pro-inflammatory foods, long rounds of antibiotics, or being exposed to allergens. Emotional stresses can come from many different sources. These can be anything from stress at work to a family member passing away.

When these constant stressors are placed on our lives, our bodies respond to them. In our spine, these show up as subluxations. Subluxation is just a big word for a misalignment or segment in your spine that is not moving as it should.  When left there, over time the subluxation will start to cause inflammation. Inflammation in turn is going to start to affect the nerves in that area and create some interference with the signal it’s trying to put out. The longer these subluxations remain under the surface, the more damage they cause. Over time they manifest and make themselves known through various symptoms. These can be things like low back pain, headaches, sinus congestion, digestive issues, and hormone imbalances.


If left long enough, these subluxations can also lead to degeneration and decay within the spine. In a way, subluxations are very similar to cavities you get in your teeth. They eat away at surrounding tissues. This means that the normal curves are lost from the spine, the disc thins, and the vertebrae begin to collapse.


The good news is, chiropractic adjustments help to remove these subluxations and aid your body in returning to its proper function. Chiropractic adjustments are much like regular teeth cleanings at the dentist. We locate the subluxations (aka cavities) and remove them. Now your brain can properly talk with all of your organs and tissues again and the ability for it to heal itself is restored.

Dr. Meghan


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