How Chiropractic care can help knee pain

Hey everyone 🙂 I just wanted to share some information about knee pain and how chiropractic care and adjustments can help!

Unfortunately the most basic of daily activities from bending down to pick up the grocery bag, climbing the stairs, walking from your car to the office, or just getting out of bed can feel so difficult when you are experiencing knee pain. Knee pain definitely has a negative effect on your ability to function optimally and isn’t fun at all.

I have great news for you! You do not have to decide to live with the pain, reduce your activity level, or even start taking more pain medication. Have you considered taking a new route and trying chiropractic care??? Chiropractic care is safe and very effective. 

The knee is a complex joint that relies heavily on ligaments and muscles for stability. When pain is perceived as coming from the knee, all the anatomical components need to be examined, and in addition to the knee joint, the low back, pelvis, hip, ankle and foot need to be examined due to the direct influence they have on the knee, and vice versa.
Our approach to assessing and treating the knee includes the evaluation of the other joints and muscles relating to the knee. This is for several reasons:

  • Pain can often be referred from other structures in the low back, pelvis and hip into the knee.
  • If other joints in the lower limbs are not working correctly they can put increased stress on the knee joint, resulting in injury over time. Therefore to resolve the knee pain, we may also treat other areas, to maximize long-term improvement.

So what do we do for you when you come into our office with knee pain!? Good question… our goals are:
Reduce joint inflammation and reduce pain.

  • Avoid aggravating factors
  • Use of support
  • Ice to reduce inflammation, muscle spasm and pain
  • Soft tissue healing with  ultrasound and interferential therapy

Normalize joint function.

  • Specific chiropractic manipulation techniques to areas of restricted movement in the knee and surrounding joints, to increase movement, improve the function and reduce pain. Here at YFC we like to analyze the knee using the activator technique, it is very neurologically specific and the activator moves 300 times faster than anything that can be done with the hands! Check out my video on youtube demonstrating a knee adjustment at:

The video can also be found on our YFC facebook page! Feel free to like the video on facebook if the information was helpful for you! If you know anyone struggling with knee pain please tag them in the comments section below so they can check it out too!!

Pic2Dr. Nicole Davis graduated from Logan University with not only her Doctorate in Chiropractic but her Bachelors in Life Sciences. After working with hundreds of clients a week in a busy Ohio Chiropractic clinic, she decided to head home to Des Moines to be closer to her family.  She currently specializes in family wellness care with advanced training in pediatric and pregnancy care, working alongside 2 other doctors in the only Wellness Center in Iowa to offer Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Specialized Pediatric and Pregnancy Care as well as Functional Medicine.  She loves spending time with family, friends and her dog, Maci. She is here to serve her community with love, support and enthusiasm.


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