Adjustments improving our Mind-Body Connection

Hello everyone! My name is Dr. Nicole Davis and I am one of the three doctors that we have here at Yost Family Chiropractic in Urbandale. Like Dr. Jessica this will also be my first blog 🙂 Come to think of it there have been a lot of firsts for me since I started my journey here! It has been such an amazing experience I can’t even begin to explain how very thankful I am to have such an amazing place to serve. This office is truly one of a kind. When I first walked into this office I was completely blown away and knew this was the kind of place I would love to be everyday. Not only was I blown away with how beautiful it was in here but by how very friendly everyone was the moment I walked through the door.. and they didn’t even know who I was or why I was there! Talk about positive energy! 🙂  I will admit that before I started here I was unaware of just how very important positive energy is for your health. Working here and being in this environment has greatly impacted my spirit, attitude and health. Not only will you get fabulous energy walking through our doors but we also offer Chiropractic adjustments.. of course:)

Dr. Jessica did a fabulous job of explaining what the Mind-Body connection is and why it’s important. I just want to touch on how chiropractic adjustments can actually help with your mind- body connection! Your mind (brain) is connected to your body through your spinal cord and all of the nerves that come off of it. What protects that vital pathway of communication??…. your spine! So what do you think happens when the vertebrae in your spine start to shift and lock up? It directly effects the brains ability to communicate to the rest of your body. When we perform Chiropractic adjustments on the spine we are not only removing joint fixations and correcting misalignment’s..we are also removing any interference that may be present in your nervous system! Super cool I know.. 🙂 So when all the stress in your life starts to build up.. chemical, emotional and physical… get adjusted and help that mind-body connection 🙂

Pic2Dr. Nicole Davis

Dr. Nicole Davis graduated from Logan University with not only her Doctorate in Chiropractic but her Bachelors in Life Sciences. After working with hundreds of clients a week in a busy Ohio Chiropractic clinic, she decided to head home to Des Moines to be closer to her family.  She currently specializes in family wellness care with advanced training in pediatric and pregnancy care, working alongside 2 other doctors in the only Wellness Center in Iowa to offer Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Specialized Pediatric and Pregnancy Care as well as Functional Medicine.  She loves spending time with family, friends and her dog, Maci. She is here to serve her community with love, support and enthusiasm.



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